Wednesday, November 4, 2009

house keeping

a tidy collection on my dresser

freshly laundered granny towels in the bathroom
a clean soap dish in the bathroom
Some things are too nice to be tidied away.

All of you out there who have young children at home will understand how keeping the house tidy can feel like swimming upstream - never getting anywhere. And anyway who wants to dust when there are so many more other wonderful and exciting things to do (like blogging) which are so tempting while the toddler sleeps?? Well my house had got to that stage where I could ignore it no more and so I spent HOURS cleaning and sorting out over the weekend. Amazingly it felt quite therapeutic and now I feel more ready to face the busy time that is about to hit with ballet concerts, school functions, house guests, markets and Christmas all coming up. I was so pleased with the results I decide to take a few shots (flicker) and I have to say I have a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and am pretty chuffed with my effort, well done me!! :)

''Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy.'' ~Author Unknown
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