Friday, July 9, 2010

Mud puddles and mist

As some of you might know, my little family and I are living the rural life, just outside of Wellington New Zealand. We are doing our own house build and we have been living in a tiny little cottage on the property – with very little amenities! It has been 6 long months of waiting for our building plans to pass – but they are finally done! We are so excited to finally start our build – but I think the hard work has only just begun! I hope to set up another blog to write about our building adventure – but like many things – its something I have been talking about for a while! Will let you know when it’s all up and running.

Anyway I took the shot early in the morning from our little front door looking across the valley – its mid winter here – I love the mist and the glisten of the silver water against the deep greens and pale sky. The print was an Etsy purchase – it made me smile as it reminds me how lovely our kids have been throughout this whole process – they have found joy and fun in really simple and sometimes challenging surroundings.
x Shelley
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