Thursday, May 5, 2011

ups and downs of moving and Scarlet Jones on Sale!

Lovely Scarlet Jones - on sale until Saturday
The curtains I bought on Sale
Detail of my new curtains at home
Medical card from Scarlet Jones
Soap wire dish also on sale from Scarlet Jones
Vintage deck chair from Camberwell market and scarf from Scarlet Jones Sale

I am in the middle of organizing another house move - always a bit daunting, even if you have moved as many times I have. There are many exhausting jobs but the up side to moving is having a chance to revamp and making the new space work. I have been trawling junk shops and markets with eager anticipation of what I may find for our new home and making promises to my husband that I will chuck out, de-clutter and cull as I go (very difficult for me). I was thrilled to discover that Scarlet Jones was on sale for a few days and even more thrilled when I saw the curtains I had my eye on were marked down to half price! So here are some shots of recent purchases - and I now I need to get away from this computer and sort out children's toys and cluttered cupboards!
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