Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little obsessed with blue

 Close up of my fireplace in the living room with new blue wall
 The living room with new blue wall
 One of my prints on the lovely turquoise back drop
 My market display above and me at my table at Magnolia Square market below
I have been collection blue images in my pinterest board for a while now and I posted about it here. At last I had a chance to get my paws on some blue paint and have been painting almost everything around me blue! I started with redoing my backdrop which I use for the design markets - I  painted one half in a rich turquoise and the other half got a new lick of blackboard paint. I love the gold frames on the turquoise, some colours are just made to be together. Then on the weekend I decided to paint our living room wall in a dove egg blue - or there abouts, I mixed it myself, with the left over turquoise, some ink  and some white wall paint I had lying around... I was quite pleased with the result!
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