Thursday, May 30, 2013

My work published in Freehand Book

I am very excited to share that three of my illustrations have been published in a book called 'FreeHand: Sketching Tips and Tricks Drawn from Art' by Helen Birch, published by Chronicle Books and is available to pre order from Amazon here. You can view some of the book here.  The following is a blurb explaining what the book is about:

Freehand examines around 200 sketches and illustrations by young contemporary artists, in each case highlighting and explaining the drawing techniques, qualities, and effects with extended captions, insightful tips, and practical advice. Four main categories unify the book: Principles, Drawing Media, Types of Drawing, and Subjects. Each sketch clearly indicates which principle is being exemplified, the media used, the subject of the drawing, and the type of drawing. A detailed category index at the front of the book lists each page where similar examples may be found, enabling the reader to easily identify and cross reference subjects that have been drawn in similar styles. Advice covers composition, shading, subjects, silhouettes, working with pencils, pen and ink, and charcoal. This helps the reader understand the way in which similar subjects and styles are executed by different artists, and also inspires them to use the tips in the book to build on their own unique talent.

The three illustrations of mine, that are featured are - Light as a Feather, Peony and Song, which are all available to buy in our etsy shop.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Markit@Fedsquare this weekend!

Sweet William is very excited to be part of the hugely creative design market called Markit@Fedsquare which is on this Sunday at Federation Square in Melbourne. Please do pop in, say hello. and have a look at some of the new prints we will have available. Have a look at the Markit Facebook page here and be in with a chance to win all sorts of beautiful products from some of the designers that will be exhibiting on Sunday. Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 10, 2013

New work

The first two prints are dedicated to my favourite band - I am a huge Mumford and Sons fan! I could listen to their music non stop for hours. I find their music very inspiring, the lyrics are deep and moving. I had the the privilege of seeing them perform live in Melbourne and I have been meaning to put together these prints for ages. Awake my soul is just a brilliant song and the other print is entitled Grace, which goes to the lyric: 'grace on her heart and flowers in her hair' ....beautiful.

The other two prints are pieces of work that have been hanging around my studio for awhile now and so I am glad I have finally committed them to paper.

These prints are for sale in our Etsy shop. Happy Friday to you all!